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Car Window Tinting

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Why Window Tint?

Why Opt For Car Window Tinting?

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The chosen film for main dealers globally

Tint Adds Style

But Not All Tint Is Created Equal...

Window tints vary greatly in tone, clarity, and functionality. Superior tints provide a crisp appearance, effective heat blocking, and durability, distinguishing them from lower-quality, less efficient options.

Experience True Privacy

Who's Looking? Not with Window Tinting!

Consider window tinting as your personal privacy filter. It poses a simple question: why allow outside eyes into your space? Whether it’s your car or home, tinting adds privacy to your space.

Over 1 Million Break-ins in 2023

The staggering number of over 1 million break-ins highlighted a major security lapse in car safety. Adding tint dramatically deters this by deterring thieves from targeting vehicles with valuables in sight.

Kepler Privacy Window Films
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Heat Stopping
0 %

Exceptional Heat Control: Only With Kepler

Kepler, the world’s number 1 heat-reducing window film, excels in its ability to block up to 98% of heat from entering the car. This small investment in Kepler not only ensures a cooler interior but also provides unrivaled comfort during scorching summers, making every drive a more enjoyable experience.

Standard Film Stops
Infrared Heat 12%
Kepler Window Films Stops
Infrared Heat 98%

Tried and True Tint: Rated #1 Tinters In Montana.. But Why?

We Love Our Job

And Our Tinting Process

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1. Preparation

We begin with a thorough inspection of your car and windows, ensuring they are perfectly prepped for a flawless tint installation.”

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2. Purification

Our cleaning process restores your car’s glass to factory-like condition, setting the foundation for a high-quality tint finish.

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3. Application

Expertise meets precision in our installation process, where every tint is applied with the skill and care gained from over 10,000 hours of experience.

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4. Inspection

Each tint job concludes with a detailed 3-step check, both inside and out, assuring a top-quality finish that meets our stringent standards.

Booking Allocations For Tried and True Tint Customers

We Won't Rush Your Car Tint

Choose Tried and True Tint for a personalized car tinting experience. Our unique booking system ensures your vehicle gets the attention it deserves, without the rush. With your dedicated time slot, we focus solely on delivering the highest quality tint for your car. 

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A TRUE Lifetime Warranty

Our genuine lifetime warranty on window films covers fading, peeling, and bubbling, ensuring lasting quality in the Missoula weather. 

Cheap Window Film Isn't Cheap...

We presume you have seen cars with bubbled tints on the Missoula roads? It’s usually due to cheap, low-quality film that deteriorates over time. At Tried and True Tint, we use superior film saving you from future hassles and expenses.

We Use Brand New 2024 Technology Window Films

We exclusively use Kepler Window Films, a prestigious brand trusted by only a select few tint shops. Our commitment to this elite product ensures superior quality for our customers.


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Our window films last forever

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Ready To Get Tinted? Prices Are Quick And Easy!

Car Tint Prices in 30seconds!

At Tried and True Tint we just want to make it EASY for you to choose the right company! That is why we have a stream line process when it comes to pricing.

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